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In my business I always have several UPS's in operation. I used to swear by tripplite until I had a power failure incident. The power went out and the battery failed shortly thereafter. When the power came back on it came on "dirty" and one computer system plugged into the UPS was completely fried, CPU, CD drive and power supply (back when systems were in the 3000 range). I attempted to contact Tripplite by phone and email on several occasions to hold them to the 250,000 guarantee printed on the UPS, but never got a single response.

On June 3rd afternoon, the lighting struck the power pole in the parking lot of my preschool.

I lost electrical power for two whole days (June 4th and 5th). The electrical power came back the night of June 5th. The lighting went through my security cameras, telephone system,copy machine and some computers and fried everything.

However, the surge suppressors were perfectly untouched by the lighting. How did this happen when the surge suppressors should have protected the machines from all this damage??

This is the surge suppression smart 1000LCD I have. I looked at the surge suppressor's advertisment and it said it will cover up to 250,000 on damaged machines.

My question is "Is this false advertisement?" If it is, how can we trust a surge suppressors to protect our machine?

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Looks like you have an awful lot of stuff plugged into a UPS that is made to back-up a single desktop computer or a small home theater set-up. Is it possible you have open avenues in your configuration that you failed to consider?

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